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In scientific work it is often advantageous, when the solution of one problem presents difficulties, to take up a second problem, just as it is easier to crack two nuts together instead of separately. Accordingly we are confronted not merely with the problem: How can painful and fearful dreams be the fulfilments of wishes? But we may also, from our discussion so far, raise the question: Why do not the dreams which show an indifferent content, but turn out to be wish-fulfilments, show this meaning undisguised? Take the fully reported dream of Irma's injection; it is in no way painful in its nature, and can be recognised, upon interpretation, as a striking wish-fulfilment. Why, in the first place, is an interpretation necessary? Why does not the dream say directly what it means? As a matter of fact, even the dream of Irma's injection does not at first impress us as representing a wish of the dreamer as fulfilled. Even I myself did not know it until I had undertaken the analysis. If we call this peculiarity of the dream of needing an explanation the fact of the distortion of dreams, then a second question arises: What is the origin of this disfigurement of dreams?

Adapted from Distortion in Dreams by Sigmund Freud

Question 3: The sentence "Even I myself did not know it until I had undertaken the analysis" demonstrates which of the following?


That Freud knew that Irma's dreams need it interpreting.


That he knew about wish fulfillment being part of dreams.


That he hadn't realized that Irma's dreams were nightmares until he analyzed them.


That Freud wasn't aware that Irma's dream were unfulfilled wishes until he studied it.


That he was aware that her dreams were wishes that needed to be analyzed.

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