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At first sight there was very little to see. Louis had lately been enunciating an opinion that the cavern was not worth visiting, and I now felt inclined to concur with him. The general plan appeared to be much the same as in the one we had just left, but the scale was considerably smaller. The pit was not nearly so deep or so large, and, owing to the falling-in of rock and earth at one side, the snow was approached by a winding path with a gradual fall. As soon as the snow was reached, the slope became very steep, and led promptly to an arch in the rock, where the stream of ice began. The cave being shallow, the stream soon came to an end, and, unlike that in the lower glacier, it filled the cave down to the terminal wall, and did not fill it up to the left wall. Here the ground of the cave was visible, strewn with the remains of columns, and showing the thickness of the bottom of the stream to be about 6 feet only. The arch of entrance had evidently been almost closed by a succession of large columns, but these had succumbed to the rain and heat to which they had been exposed by their position.

Adapted from Ice Caves of France and Switzerland by G.F. Browne

Question 2: Which passage below suggests that the glacial cave described above is different to the one they had previously visited?


The cave did not fill the terminal wall towards the left wall.


The left wall was filled terminally downwards until it filled the ice stream.


The stream came to an abrupt end and fell downwards.


The ice stream was shallow and filled the whole left cavern.


The ice stream filled the cave's terminal wall, although it did not fill the left wall.

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