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Directions: Reading Comprehension - read the following passage to answer the question below.

Hyde Park on Hudson, a 2012 film starring Bill Murray and Laura Linney, practices the expression of declinism, if sufficiently analyzed.

The film centers around Margaret Stuckley's relationship with Franklin Delano Roosevelt, around the time the British king and queen make a visit to the estate of Roosevelt's mother, in order to ask for assistance in what would become World War II, in defense against Hitler's Nazis. Britain, formerly the mother country of the United States, had to swallow its pride in order to ask for assistance from its offspring. By this point in time, June 1939, the Empire of Japan was already at war with the Republic of China, and Germany was expanding its Navy with an upgraded vessels.

Britain, once the great empire of the world had fallen just enough to ask for assistance from one of its former enemies. While Hyde Park on Hudson can be viewed with a sense of satisfaction by an American audience, it would be better viewed with a sense of extrapolation, wherein Americans relate the Britain's fate to the possible fate of America as China threatens to overtake them on the world stage.

The passage addresses all of the following except:


How declinism can apply to the United States


How declinism can apply to Britain


Background events leading up to World War II


The nature of Roosevelt and Stuckley's relationship


The changing relationship between Great Britain and the United States

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