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Directions: Reading Comprehension - read the following passage to answer the question below.

At its most idealistic, volunteering affects both volunteers and the beneficiaries of their efforts. Volunteers gain value by experiencing how people at different economic levels and in different cultures live, including the hardships they often face. Such experiences are thought to lead to greater social awareness, community-building, and empathy for the less privileged. For the recipient, volunteers provide needed services that often would simply not be possible. U.S. programs such as the Peace Corps and AmeriCorps are viewed as successful in providing the needy with tangible benefits.

One debate in the U.S. has centered on whether there should be a federally-mandated volunteer requirement for young people. Some argue that such a requirement would have a positive effect on youths and help instill a sense of the ethics of altruism, while inspiring them to realize the privileges they possess. High schools in some states already mandate the completion of some type of community service before matriculation. Others argue that enforcing such a requirement goes against the idea of volunteerism in the first place. In cases where volunteers work in foreign countries, it can also lead them to overlook problems domestically (Aliprandini, Michael Finley, Laura. Points of View: Volunteering & Public Service, 2009).

The first paragraph of the passage implies which of the following about volunteerism? Select a single answer choice.


Becoming part of an organization promotes more effective volunteerism.


Volunteering creates a symbiotic relationship.


The United States has the most influential volunteer organizations.


Volunteerism leads to better career choices.


The more privileged one is, the more he is likely to gain from volunteering.

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