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Directions: Reading Comprehension - read the following passage to answer the question below.

Hanif Kureishi is an English writer. His most notable works are his screenplay for My Beautiful Laundrette and his novel The Buddha of Suburbia. Many of his works are set in London, England and address the themes of racism, nationalism, and sexuality. His family has accused him of exploiting them for his work, by way of using thinly disguised references to his family in his writings. Kureishi has denied these claims, however, the subject matter in The Buddha of Suburbia and Intimacy bear striking resemblances to his own life.

The Buddha of Suburbia, for example, features Karim as its main character, a teenager of mixed race from the South London suburbs who wishes to escape to a more interesting life; Kureishi, born in South London, was born to a Pakistani father and an English mother. The book continued to track Karim's journey from the London suburbs, to the city of London, to New York City, and back to London again, as he transforms from a restless teenager into an actor. This trajectory mirror's Kureishi's as well, as he became a playwright and screenwriter later in his life. The most controversial use of his family as inspiration is not from himself, but from his father. Kureishi's sister Yasmin has been quoted as stating, "My father was angry when The Buddha of Suburbia came out as he felt that Hanif had robbed him of his dignity, and he didn't speak to Hanif for about a year"; the father figure in The Buddha of Suburbia had been characterized as a charlatan of a Buddha-like guru.

Despite the criticism from his family, Kureishi published the novel Intimacy in 1998, wherein the main character leaves his wife and two sons. At the time, Kureishi himself had recently left his partner and his two sons. Although Intimacy didn't fare as well as The Buddha of Suburbia, it did garner enough success to warrant a film adaption. The similarities between Kureishi's works and his life appear not to end with The Buddha of Suburbia and Intimacy; Yasmin has also claimed that her brother has used her family as inspiration in The Mother and Something to Tell You, works of his that have been released since Intimacy.

The passage implies which of the following about the nature of acting?


Acting is exploitative


Acting is similar to screenwriting and playwriting


Kureishi was an actor


Many actors use their family members for inspiration


Kureishi considered acting to be more interesting than the suburbs

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