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Directions: Reading Comprehension - read the following passage to answer the question below.

1One of the reasons so many low-achieving and at-promise students do poorly on state assessment tests is that they lack the reading skills they need to attack those tests. 2It is essential to provide all students -- especially low achievers -- with structured systems to help them read and interpret test passages so they can correctly answer questions about them. 3We need to train students in those skills that will help them succeed on tests. 4At-promise students, especially, are easily tripped up by things that are nebulous. 5Providing those students concrete, tangible tools and step-by-step processes they can work with seems to help them tremendously. 6Many of the best teachers seem to have developed systems of tools and tricks to help their students attack reading passages on standardized tests. 7Those tools help students because they give students a starting point. 8They help students organize and focus on reading passages that are long and often dull.(passage source)

Select the sentence that most succinctly states the main theme of this passage. For example, to select the last sentence, enter "8".


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