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Directions: Reading Comprehension - read the following passage to answer the question below.

Securics, based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, was founded for the purpose of assuring that biometric‐ based identity systems could operate without threat to the privacy of enrolled individuals. Its core technology, Biotope, uses revocable, irreversible biometric tokens to ensure that the end user can control the use and spread of his or her biometric information. Cryptographic protocols are used to ensure that the generated token is unique for each transaction. The company claims that this process of new real‐time tokens makes network transactions impervious to key exchanges, phishing, and other types of attacks. An interview with Securics co‐founder Terry Boult revealed further details about the firm's approach to solving problems arising from the mere existence of a biometric database that, if hacked, can have serious consequences in terms of both security and privacy. Boult uses the example of a spoofed finger image being used to penetrate an ATM network as one type of fraud that does not have to occur very often to cause widespread mistrust of a system that relies on biometric verification to complete a financial transaction of any sort. Despite such concerns, biometrics still have a significant role in certifying the authenticity of each transaction. A public key infrastructure may confirm that the machines on each end are legitimate, but depending on a user ID and password based authenticating mechanism is becoming increasingly risky in the face of sophisticated attacks. Using biometrics to verify identity is an obvious solution, but additional steps are necessary to make certain that the biometric being used at the other end actually belong to the person involved in the transaction. Otherwise the transaction would be open to compromise through the substitution of a biometric somewhere in the network, or through the use of what Boult calls a "doppelganger" technique. In the latter instance, a biometric database is searched for a double-someone whose stored biometric matches that of the attacker-and that newfound identity is used for a fraudulent transaction.

Adapted from: Biometrics in National Security, 2010

Consider each of the following answer choices separately and select all that apply.

The author mentions Securics because


their technology, Biotope, could significantly affect the future of biometric security.


they're the largest biometric security company in the United States.


their real-time tokens process may be an effective solution to one of the main concerns of biometric security.

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