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Directions: Reading Comprehension - read the following passage to answer the question below.

1British authoress Angela Carter's fiction explores feminist theory while employing techniques, such as magic realism, to break traditional boundaries of time and space within her novels. 2Her choice of theatrical and carnivalesque settings facilitates these distortions by placing her characters in worlds characterized by fantasy and deception. 3In this alternative context, she manipulates both gender roles and traditional notions of hierarchy to generate forums where women can emerge empowered. 4This feminist agenda is juxtaposed against distinctly masculine literary tradition, which Carter pointedly alludes to throughout her works. 5These references to masculine power structures raise the question of whether to not Carter truly believes that her female characters can free themselves of oppressive paradigms since they articulate and perpetuate the heritage they are trying to reject.

Which sentence best summarizes the contradiction in Angela Carter's work? Enter you choice in the blank below. (Ex: 3)


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